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We Are Life At Mulberry

Cultivating a Healthy Community: Mind, Soul, Body

We want to be your go to resource for all things holistic health.  We are ever-learning and ever-growing.  We want to share the things we are learning through out our own journey as we walk hand-in-hand with you.  Together we will navigate life together to make it the best we can.  

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Get to Know Us and Why We Do What We Do

The Mulberry community's motivation is Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is a systems-oriented approach to medicine that focuses on identifying and understanding what is happening in the whole body and mind. We enjoy addressing the underlying or root cause(s) of disease. We thrive on empowering patients to take an active role in their health and we want to be an active and available space in this community. Our vision for Life at Mulberry is to be the first step in us branching out into our community. We desire to be a community of like minded physicians, therapists, clinicians, and chiropractors who want to see people healthy, mind and body.

The Integration of Holistic Practitioners

Life at Mulberry is an extension of the Mulberry Clinic and as one, we wanted to have as many options for health and wellness for our community as possible. We have created a co-working space for like-minded holistic businesses to operate from throughout the week. These are some of the highlighted members of our co-working space. 

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