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Things I (don't) do to stay healthy.

(This will be an ongoing multipart series. )

I bet you would be surprised at the number one symptoms my patients report to me. It is feeling overwhelmed. Let me explain. You see I'm never the first person someone has gone to to try and feel better. For months or even years they have been feeling crummy. They've typically spent hours online researching. seen an endless list of health professionals and spent a small (or large) fortune on supplements and therapies. Now they are sitting across from me exhausted. "I can't keep this up." and "this feels like too much." they sigh after looking at their pages of treatment plans and crates of supplements. "What should I do? " is the next question. I feel for them. We would then carefully go over their list. We would pull each supplement out and fill the exam room table with them. Then I would start by eliminating things. I wold try and get them down to a few key things they could do with the highest yield. What we saw was that as new things were added nothing was taken away. No one asked the question "What do you need to stop doing?" They just wanted to get better and were willing to try just about anything to heal. Soon I started making a list of things NOT to do to stay healthy. That list has grown quite long. I'll share this list in this blog. Because that's what you need - one more thing to do.

Get better.

Dr H


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